About Me

Feeling the scorching rays against the sand of White Island, Camiguin

I am Cariza Joy Ensoy from the Philippines. But I have nomadic tendencies and strong enthusiasm for photography therefore, I always end up lurking in LCC airlines sites and on the look for cheap hostels to pin my next adventure.

Since this page is intended to introduce myself, I am giving you a sprinkle of my randomness and 8 facts about me.

  1. My favorite number is 5.
  2. I am a believer of unicorns and rainbows.
  3. Daydreaming is a waste of time so I prefer all in action.
  4. To my bestfriend, I am a “What you see, is what you get” but I beg to differ.
  5. A certified fangirl of Arashi.
  6. I shoot guns.
  7. Former carnivore. Thanks to Korean cuisines, I now eat veggies.
  8. Getting lost won’t make me panic. It arouses me.
  9. Hopeless Romantic

We’ll stick with 9 for now, I really lack spontaneity in sharing about myself.

For queries or just wanna drop a happy pill, ping me using the form below. See you around!


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