Attending the Busan One Asia Festival 2017

Before coming to Busan, I never expected that my travel dates would fall near the end of Busan Internation Film Festival (BIFF) 2017 which is attended by thousands or artists, filmmakers, and audiences from different parts of the globe, and the opening of Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) 2017 graced by plentiful of KPop artists. And the best thing was I got a free ticket to the opening ceremony on November 22 thru Korean Tourism Organization PH.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.50.31 AM
Third from bottom, left column. Yeah! That’s me.

On the day of the concert, I started my way to Asiad Stadium, where the concert will commence at 18:00, from Busan KTX station at around 3pm. From the Sports Complex subway station, there was a 10-minute walk to the venue and I was welcomed by a row trees with leaves in the shades of yellow to red. It felt autumn and it was a different scenery to me because I stayed near beaches in the past few days. Along the way, I saw a lot of girls swarming in various stalls buying penlights, souvenirs, posters and other merchandises wearing the signature identifier of their idols.

A windy and chilly day for a concert. Still Fun!

Near the entrance of the stadium is where the booths for different facilitators and ticket outlets located. Found my booth to claim my ticket near the end of the array. While claiming the ticket, the guy who entertained me was extra cheerful and accommodating. After confirming my identification, he then offered to change my ticket from standing to seating in which at first I was hesitant because I thought standing ticket would give me a better view than seating. But he protested while showing his camera’s pictures. And I am really thankful to him, I could not have withstood the cold and enjoy the concert while standing for 2 hours. He then gave me a lovely kit filled with a tote bag, blanket, and lightstick. All for free.

There were a total of 13 groups who performed for the 2-hour concerts namely:

  1. APink
  2. Astro
  3. BAP
  4. GOT7
  5. NCT 127
  6. SF9
  7. NU’EST W
  8. Momoland
  9. Blackpink
  10. iKon
  12. Wanna One
  13. Sechkies – 20th Anniversary celebration

Most of the groups were new to me as I am a second generation KPop fan so I am pretty oldies type but I am a fan of Blackpink which made me excited to know they were also performing. Midway of the ceremony, I was shocked by the appearance of Kim So Hyun. Even though I was literally lost what song the artists were performing, I was astonished by the production and the energy everyone was emitting. With that, I greatly enjoyed each performance.

Overall, the concert was superb. It was a true concert of great and promising new artists with drones, extravagant lightings, LED displays, fiery fire torches, and exciting fireworks. I wish I could come to a concert like this. My five days in Busan was truly a star-studded experience.




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