Davao City Traffic

When you think of Davao, it is definitely the homeland of heavenly-hell durian and gateway to exquisite beaches and touristic destinations. As a Dabawenya, I could never be prouder to what Davao has become now. From a wider array of food options to the accelerated improvement of infrastructures, the city has definitely become one of the tigers of the south but drawbacks come along with this skyrocketing popularity. Davao City’s tagline is “Life is Here” but does it still stand true for its citizens who struggle the daily commute?

It is undeniable that the city traffic has immensely increased in the past decade and each time, the congestion is worsened by heavy rains flooding the roads. Also, even during non-peak hours, which is usually between 9am to 3pm, vehicles are heavily bumper-to-bumper in downtown roads. This not only results in wasted time but also economically burden its people. Meaning, productivity is much lesser when stuck in traffic jams. According to GMA news, Philippines lose billions daily in metropolis Manila alone. That the impact of strenuous gridlock traffic is much broader and its domino effect taking its toll on efficiency in school and work because it will likely result in fatigue and irritability.

With National Capital Region as an example, in not far future, Davao City will plausibly imitate if the government won’t intervene and create better transport plan. Government’s mediation is vital to the improvement of our transport system; an efficient and pro-poor system improving mobility and quality of life of people in Davao City. May the reliable commute will not be just a dream to each of Dabawenyo and hoping soon will be realized.


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