Movie: Sunny (2011)

This movie had me wickedly laughing, curious and crying. Not just your another sisterhood film but a realist story of loyalty, innocence and humor between friends living the best and last days of their lives.

It is a story of 7 high school friends in ’80s and their mischiefs. On present day, Chun Hwa, who is terminal, accidentally met Na Mi who is visiting her sick mother in hospital. Na Mi feeling poignant asked Chun Hwa what she can do for her. Then on second thought Chun Hwa wished for “Sunny” to gather once again after 25 years. As Na Mi started to locate the girls, the film unveils the seamless flashbacks of each ladies’ youth and dreams, and its disparities to their present selves.

I personally love the movie. A heartwarming one. The touch of 80s music also made the movie more perfect. The target demographic is clearly women. As to age, teens to grannies will be able to enjoy the movie.

I definitely recommend this! And if you’ll love this, please watch Miss Granny too. It’s another film that depicts selfless love for family.


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