DJI Osmo Mobile Unboxing and Review

Our recent travel to Southeast Asia really taught us a hard lesson. We had imagined capturing cinematic videos, verdant landscapes and encapsulate the authenticity of the culture of places we’ve been to in our go pro and phones. But upon transferring all the video files to our laptops for editing, we found that 90% of the videos were garbage. And the reason? Everything in the video was unrecognizable because of shakes. It was like earthquake-stricken. A total disaster. And it’s sad that the trip is a non-repeating experience and we missed documenting it. To not repeat and regret on upcoming travels, I knew I had to buy a gimbal.

In a time of travel and making memories, it has been quite tricky for aspiring videographers achieve an unfuzzy output, especially when in motion. While video stabilizer is not a new concept to solve this, there are only limited options for beginners because of its hefty price. One of the pioneers, DJI, created affordable handheld gimbal DJI Osmo however still unattractive for novice users because of compatibility and complexity. But with the introduction of DJI Osmo Mobile, it turns your mobile phone videos into a smart motion camera, making everything you shoot look smooth and professional.

The box includes the gimbal, USB charging cord, manual, protective cap and compact pouch.

This sleek item is really a game changer. Latest mobile phones nowadays can shoot up to 4K making it the best reachable camera. And now, you’ll just to attach it to the stabilizer and you’re good to creating your cinematic videos.

DJI Osmo Mobile is also compatible with most smartphones available in the market. But what really sets it apart from its rivals are intelligent functions its DJI Go mobile app offers. It has activeTrack function which allows you to be also part of the moment making your camera follow you wherever you are in the scene. And timelapse videos are also made more beautiful through Motion Lapse and Hyperlapse.

The basic controls: record and photo button, power switch and joystick.

Design wise, DJI Osmo Mobile’s grip and controls are all accessible using one hand and ergonomically good. It is also easy to navigate and weighs light (around 500g to 700g without the phone). DJI Osmo Mobile is the most economical option in DJI product line. It serves the needs of both neophyte and intermediate market in capturing smooth, professional and cinematic moments that could last a lifetime.

Therefore, I am now ready and excited in capturing my next adventure.



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