Affordable Accommodation in the Heart of Seoul, South Korea

FullSizeRender 2During our 5-day travel at Seoul, South Korea last year, we stayed at Backpackers INSIDE, Jongno-Gu, Seoul. I definitely recommend this place for 3 reasons: affordability, location, and hospitality. Also, South Korea is generally a safe country with low crime index and ranked 47th as the safest country in 2017.

Seoul is known for its exorbitant cost of living however, Backpackers INSIDE is undoubtedly inexpensive to stay at. A twin private room costs Php 1700 ($35) a night while a bed in a 4-bed-dorm room starts at Php 520 ($11). The price includes a western breakfast available from 6 am. They can also lend you a T-money card which can be used for subways and buses taps. You will only need to reload the card and you can now enjoy the discounts as compared to purchasing single-journey tickets.

This awesome place is just an hour away from Incheon Airport. You may opt to take the train or bus that runs until 22:30 going there. But personally, I recommend hopping on a bus because it gives you time to see the long roads and sceneries of Incheon area before arriving at hustle and bustle Seoul. The guesthouse is located next to the UNESCO site of Changdeokgung Palace and few stations away from primary shopping districts of Dongdaemun and Myeondong. Making it a good place to start your Seoul-searching as it is culturally and strategically situated in the middle of the city.

Minyeong, the owner of the hostel, and other staffs were ultra pleasant to guests. They will definitely help you on the ABCs around the area such as the directions and food options. Because Backpackers INSIDE is few steps away from the elite Sungkyunkwan University, foods and drinks are easily found anywhere thus dining at any time is a breeze.

Overall, hostels are widely found in Korea but what made me more convinced on staying at Backpackers INSIDE are the value for money, locality and accommodating guesthouse staffs. I will definitely stay here again soon on my next trip to Korea. You may book from their website or through Hostelworld.



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