Another Side of Me – Arashian

Last sunday, I stumbled on Arashi 5×10 Anniversart Concert Tour. At first, I was really thinking twice on downloading the concert but I saw the a clip of it and it was when Arashi was singing Kanshe Kangeki Ame which their entry song. I was really saying WOW!!! THEY ARE FLYING!! It was my first time seeing a SUPERB concert. Then an idea of “DOWNLOADING THE WHOLE DVD would be WORTH IT” crossed my mind. AND IT WAS REALLY WORTH IT even though I watched it raw and cannot understand what they are saying during MCs I STILL ENJOYED IT.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH sableheart for uploading it. I promise that the copy I have will just be my and my friends pleasure to watch.
Arigatou gozaimashita 😀

This is where I downloaded it


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