Serendipity Walk

Try to walk around somewhere and discover technopreneur idea …your experience(s) .. at least 2000 words

When I entered the depths of Information Tecnology course, thinking of going abroad and larger amount of money there was my orientation upon myself. I kept to myself that no progress would I ever have when I am in Davao or Philippines because employment discrepancies. Davao City is the largest city in terms of land area and just with this advantage, investors and businessperson should be convinced to invest in Davao. This investment might involve technology models; through this, it might be called technopreneurship. Technopreneurship is, by a large part, still entrepreneurship. The difference is that technopreneurship either is involved in delivering an innovative hi-tech product or makes use of hi-tech in an innovative way to deliver its product to the consumer or both. Technopreneurship is the entrepreneurship involving the technoloy itself. The entrepreneurs in a technopreneurship system were called technopreneurs. Technopreneur comes from 2 words Technology and Entrepreneur. It means a business that is using technology as their business model. This term only use by Asian countries especially Malaysia and Singapore. A technopreneur distinguishes logic from tradition, tradition from prejudice, prejudice from common sense and common sense from nonsense while integrating a variety of ideas from diverse groups and disciplines. The most famous of them all is, Bill Gates, who makes Microsoft a household name all over the world. Steve Jobs – well known for his innovations. iPod – most carried gadget by young population. Look at the success of Google – brain child of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Who don’t know Google? These technopreneurs surely created jobs for our fathers and mothers who don’t have any income resources, for the employees who don’t have pleasing personality and currently hired employees but not satisfied with their salaries. Last summer, I found a site that gives you opportunity to work in your very own time or you can work full time using only a computer and internet connection. This site is the, it caters individuals and group work. It allows you to earn dollars while you are just in your very own home, seating in front of your very own computer working as much as you want. What you have worked is what you get. Job vacancies were listed in a manner that you can find easily where you can find in your strength. Job vacancies were categorized into web development, Software development, Networking and information systems, writing and translation, administrative support, design and multimedia, customer service, sale and marketing, and business services. The administrators of the site earn their money by ads and through 10% payments each transaction made within the site.

Sometimes when I’m alone, I’d walk and walk and talk to myself. I got to the point that I blame myself for doing these regretful things I’ve done. Asking myself why did I do that and how do I did it. I’ve hated myself that I’m a stupid fool who just do things recklessly. But sometimes, my date with myself brings good things and new ideas because it is only the time that I talk with myself, it is also only the time I can innovate with myself. From the descriptions and expectations from a technopreneur, I would like to see myself creating and providing jobs to others to help lower the unemployment rate especially here in Davao where I was born and make opporunities be common to the individuals. Everyone experienced to be a baby that needs care and help and eventually will grow to a more mature person that even helps others to stand at their own feet. Starting small but thinking big. Businesses just start like that, small to medium enterprises are very common as of today making them work hand in hand. Maybe someday, I can find a way in my heart to put up a business in Davao City. Initially, I was thinking to go to abroad for a couple of years and make savings then put up a business here in Davao. However, it never reached to the extent puting a technology-modeled business. My parents are selling Construction materials like gravel, sand and harware supplies so I was just thinking to keep the legacy that my parents might pass upon to me because that is what my parents have introduced to me as a source of income. However, when I was getting more involved with the style and orientation of technopreneurship, I started to ask my self on what do I do with my knowledge I gained in the University of Southeastern Philippines? Will it just rust and be put aside and not be improved? Through this reflection, I was able to distinguish on what must be put aside and must be done. I won’t let the approximated 4 years of hardships in school, in this university be gone with the wind. I might (might) be giving employment to people who are unemployed and at the same time harness my ability through exposure at the real techie world. Each entrepreneur especially the technopreneurs dreams to be a successful one like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but in every success, there is a failure behind it but instead taking failures as a failure, you can take them as steps to success. Acceptance to one’s weaknesses is an asset. As what i have experienced as a small-time entrepeneur, jealousy to others might drag you down. Instead of focusing on your own business, you might try to destroy and imitate others. I am not saying that imitating is bad but being different is something that differs them from you. As what Steve Jobs said, “It is better being a pirate than joining the navy”. Business expansion was also my dream for our business. I want it like to be a convinience stores that it is just around the corners and beyond the corners or just have many retailers. Hunger is one of the most potent forces in this world! It is as powerful as death because if not satisfied, it causes fatality. If well channeled, hunger brings about the desires of your heart that it drives you to achieve extra ordinary things. Being a risk taker is also a factor that helps a technopreneurs progress up. If Mike Markkula was not a risk taker, would you think that there would be an Apple today? Or There would be iPhones and iPod? Or the simplest, there would be mouse and graphical user interface?

Back again to the techno business, it has a bit of background story why I would like to put up this business. The story goes like this. Last semester, which is the 2nd semester of the school year 2009-2010, our school department dean posted a status on facebook that he is hiring 5 persons for some work. We just ignored it because we thought that it would not fit with our level but one day we’ve finally decided to take the offer. Together with Axel, Ralph, Abigail and George, we went to Sir Val’s office for the confirmation and the nature of work. The work was just encoding data from survey forms. The virtual form was already made and all we did was to input some data and click some check boxes and radio boxes. Each of us encoded more or less 80 survey forms, each with 13 pages I think. It was a very tiring job. We managed our time by studying at day then work at night till morning for 2 days and 3 nights. We were so sleepy and tired but we managed and finished the job because we committed. And just for that duration and time, we earned 4000 pesos each. When we computed our earnings if we do this for a month approximately it would be 40,000 pesos each but our health would be deteriorated because of insufficient sleep. When the job ended, we were partying because it was the first time that we earned money with our own effort and thinking about it that in just 2 days we earned 4000 each. When it was already summer, I have decided to join some sites like and to have job online with my most comfortable time. I’ve finally come to a decision on sticking to odesk because it is user friendly and bold in terms of your earnings. I’ve registered and took some capacity tests and capability tests for the employer’s preference. When I completed the tests given to me, I was really excited on starting to work online. I have applied to some job offerings at the said site. I tried to apply on being virtual assistant, data encoder, junior programmer and other related fields but when I apply the answer is either that I am declined to work or no answer at all. I am really trying to get a job for almost a month. But it come to my nerves and finally quitted. I observed that whenever I apply to some job, there are also professional groups and teams that offer their service at the given payment rate of the employer for the said job. It’s just that when I am the employer, I would probably qualify the professionals rather than the beginners because of their work experience and professionalism. “Why would I settle with beginners while I can get professionals with the rate I want?”, a question maybe the employers thinking in hiring. It was really a discrimination but there is nothing I can do. So in the end I quitted and left the site with no gains. So I thought of building a freelancer site for junior programmers. A site that will give more opportunities for students and starters like me. I proposed it to our facilitator, Mr. Randy S. Gamboa, but it was turned down because it is already a chooks to go.

I think, all need to do is do my best and love what am I working because doing what you like is much better than regretting of doing it. Working with passion will probably have great results. The only things that keep us going is thing that we love to do. For an instance of a student studying BSIT in Institute of computing, he/she must be consistent and persistent towards studies, and try not to waver. Keeping up a good work might be tiring because people around you puts pressure unto you and expects higher. Living up to these things are tiring unless it was really your will. However, keeping a good work would rather be an example to others that they might make you there standards and when all stands up, you are standing out of the crowd. Be Patient with everyone, but above all be patient of yourself. In these times, you shall carry all of your courage and strength to withstand the storm. Don’t be uprooted from the storms, face it and feel the sweetness and blessings of your life. Nothing should be perfect for it is only the time that most people turn to God.

Running a business is such a heavy work. It comes with benefits and problems. Benefits include the flexibility of time. When you are the owner, you are not bound with strict working hours. The income also depends on how much effort you put into it. When you work harder and diligently you may achieve the goal you wanted and profit you wanted. Sometime you are up and sometimes you below but someone’s fate is in their own hands. But we must remember that no one can steal what we learned and gained for our future plans. Sometimes life hits’ your head with a brick and you need awful tasting medicine to recover.


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