Reflection on Technopreneurship Course

Your reflection/learning’s on Technopreneurship 1

When I enrolled at technopreneurship 1, I already knew that it would be about technology and entrepreneurship. During the class discussions held last semester by Dr. Randy Gamboa, we learned a lot of things especially on things concerning about ourselves.

In technopreneurship 1, we were patterned with the SEED which stands for self-mastery, environment mastery, enterprise mastery and development respectively to be discussed. Last semester, we only tackled about self-mastery. In past months, we did some activities to comprehend and evaluate ourselves emotionally, mentally and characteristic. We also did some activities that may lead us in finding the right path that we should take. We also watched a movie concerning Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft.

One of our many activities is the thinking beyond the box. In that activity, 9 dots must be connected using 4 strokes of lines without lifting the pen. No matter how hard I try in accomplishing the activity, I just cannot do it and always end up with 5 strokes. Few of our classmates were able to do it and I even asked myself how they did it and how I was not able to do it. The fact is that I was just so close minded that every time I encounter a dot, I stop and make another stroke which is very wrong since it was the message of the activity. I never knew that beyond those dots were greater opportunities and innovations are just waiting to be thought and discovered. The activity also told us that we are not bounded or rather we should not be bounded by the dots; no dots or so-called limitations will cease us to go beyond for we know we can do better and best.

We also have the Self-evaluation tests like the personal trait test, emotional quotient test, Intelligence quotient test. On most of the test, I got above average. The test taught me many things because it is the part of knowing one’s self and the tests evaluates our social and mental living. I learned that one must keep up the good work. For an instance of a student studying BSIT in Institute of computing, he must be consistent and persistent towards studies, and try not to waver. Keeping up a good work might be tiring because people around you puts pressure unto you and expects higher especially when you’re consistent in your achievements. Living up to these things are tiring unless it was really your will. But keeping a good work would rather be an example to others that they might make you there standards and when all stands up, you are standing out of the crowd. Do it for yourself and not to people who expects something from you. I also learned that beautiful tomorrows begin today. Tomorrow is a beautiful road that will take you to right path or to path where you want to take. If you’ve spent today walking away from worry and moving toward serenity; leaving behind conflict and travelling towards solutions; and parting with emptiness and finding fulfilment. If you can do what works on you, your present will be happier and your path will be smoother. And best of all, you’ll be taking a step into a beautiful future. Thinking that present can be a factor for tomorrow, you can ready yourself for next day. It might also mean that starting good today will end up good for tomorrow. Bad things always end with bad things so as well as good thing ends up a good thing. Tight faith of hope in looking what is ahead of us is such a good sign that you are yearning for a success. And lastly, being the best you can be. Sometimes you think that you need to be perfect that that there is no room for mistakes. At these times, you put so much pressure on yourself. And end up disappointing yourself. We are just human who can commit mistakes and not capable of being perfect but what we can do is to do the best and be the best in our most gratifying ways. Don’t compare yourself to others. Some people tend to trend their lives with others. Don’t let others put and look you down. Try not to live up to others expectations that make you feel bad. Live your life to the fullest. Stress no more. Having worries will just make you age. Stresses are also the one responsible thing why people have illness. Everything will start difficult so why worry. Before you master something, you must try it first and understand how it goes. Just think of the best you can do for now and leave the rest hanging. No one knows what lies ahead of us except God. Maybe tomorrow we are already dead. Life is like that. Death is destination we all share. Don’t treat yourself as inferior or superior towards others. Be unique and very special person as you are. I took another emotional quotient test for the reason Sir Gamboa, posted outside the lab 1 that I wasn’t able to pass my results so that’s why I took another 1. And the interpretation goes like this: We spend countless hours in our given roles – sometimes without much joy or satisfaction. In the process we become tranquilized by the trivial. Sedated by the small details of life. Sure, the laundry needs doing, the groceries need getting, the kids need chauffeuring, the deadlines must be knocked off, but we also need to stop and remember what gives us great joy and meaning. If we fail to remind ourselves (on a regular basis), we risk becoming hostile and cynical. We lose our purpose. And this translates to a diminished ability to be effective, at ease and fulfilled. Areas to work on: Ask yourself: – What situations generally create tension and stress for you? How are you handling these situations? – What negative thoughts play over and over in your mind on a regular basis? Are these a true picture of reality? – Are you afraid to share your needs and feelings with others? Is it because you are taking care of everyone else – being a martyr – or acting ‘the strong, silent type’? What 3 things give you the greatest meaning in your life? If you work on gaining clarity in these areas, you will move toward maximizing your full potential and finding greater effectiveness, happiness, and fulfillment in your life. As William James said: I have no doubt whatever that most people live, whether physically, intellectually, or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness… much like a man who, out of his whole body organism, should get into the habit of using and moving only his little finger. We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream.

We also watched the Pirates of the Silicon Valley which told us the origin and how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates made it through many ups and downs they encountered as they ventured the emerging technology as a business. In the movie, Jobs earned successes and failures. Back when Jobs was just out from bud, he was described as being erratic and temperamental manager or being unpredictable. In a business, a manager or owner must know how to handle his or her employees for they’re the one that feeds you and you are the one that feeds them in terms of paramount production, it’s like having mutual benefits or symbiotic relationship. Many heads are best than one. Having a twisted personality may affect the employees on how you control and take people around you in your system. In our previous class discussions, having self-mastery is essential. In being a successful technopreneur, one must have the high emotional quotient and adversity quotient and does not need high intelligence quotient though intelligence helped Steve Jobs a lot. In Steve Jobs situation, he made intelligence quotient higher than the emotional quotient that led to gaps and abusiveness to his employees and developers. In the said movie, he fired a software developer because he slept in the office from 52 hours straight work and it was really drastic in the part of the developer. The second situation that that he showed his twisted personality is when he denied his paternity to Lisa Brennan that led to a loss of opportunity of being Time Magazines’ Person of the Year award at that time. His failures includes also his wrong competence towards others potential competitors. By the prototypes of first Macintosh sent to Bill Gates, Jobs was wrong in this decision, he doesn’t know that Gates is also a great artist that steals (the idea of mouse). Jobs was so desperate in crushing down his thought greatest competitor IBM but unfortunately closest to him is the one that stabbed him deeply is Gates. But the most talked issue about Steve Jobs in the movie is how he handles his self and his employees.

We also had the activity where we wrote our love, hate and we are best at. I totally wrote everything I can write but after writing sir Gamboa took all of it. He took our love, we are best at and our hates. It is as if we were going to start again. After taking it all, he left us a question. What is your vision, mission and goal now? Finding what you love and that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Doing the things that you really like will motivate you. But, if haven’t still found it; keep looking it is just somewhere needed to be loved. Working with passion will probably have great results. The only things that keep us going are things that we love to do. Be Patient with everyone, but above all be patient of yourself. Be Patient with everyone, but above all be patient of yourself. In these times, you shall carry all of your courage and strength to withstand the storm. Everything should not be perfect for it is only the time that most people turn to God. In these times, you shall carry all of your courage and strength to withstand the storm. Don’t be uprooted from the storms, face it and feel the sweetness and blessings of your life. Nothing should be perfect for it is only the time that most people turn to God.

We also had our Business proposals. Our first proposal is about a freelancing and outsourcing site made especially for junior IT students and to those who is just starting in this kind of business. However, the proposal was rejected due to its insignificance and its being “chooks to go”, a popular food seller of chicken cook in an oven. Our second proposal is the car counter that count and checks the number of cars in a parking lot. It was also rejected because it is currently used by some companies outside Davao. We also have a backup plan, the digital tombstones but unfortunately it is already implemented in other proposals that were approved already. Until the time that I was already pressured and panicked since we’re the only group left that have not been approved yet. Until a friend of ours thought of a hair brush that once brushed in to the hair, it will dye the hair according to your settings and desired design. Sir Gamboa, gave us a thumbs up. It really felt like that were saved because this past few days, the only thing or subject that bothers me is the Technopreneurship that might make us extend another in schooling because we’ll receive a grade of 5. Anyways, we thank that certain friend that she gave us the idea that was approved.

Technopreneurship 1 taught us many things to be used for everyday living. Even we only tackled the S of SEED, learning had been stacking up and had been very useful and will always be a good tool to use for sharpening my crooked life. It helped us to find the right path and know our self better.



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