National Seminar: Day 2

Today I went on a seminar to:

UP (University of the Philippines) located at Diliman, Quezon City.

What I learned?

Since we arrived late at UP, we didn’t follow exactly what is stated on the program list. We sang the national anthem followed by the opening remarks by Prof. Lemuel Brana. He is the Marketing and Business development Head and a Senior Lecturer of UP ITTC. He is also a faculty at the department of Computer Science in UP Diliman. After that, the proper lecture and seminar started by Rose Ann Sale. She is a former member of the Web Research group at the Department of Computer Science researching on educational games for kinaesthetic learners. Rose Ann shared her experiences and talked about “Writing a Winning Thesis”. She also told us about the stages in thesis writing and it’s are as follows:

  • The thinking about it stage

This first step tells us on having a good thesis topic and these topics are mostly what are we really interested with or in short what we really love doing. Doing things we like will help and motivate us in making our thesis. And that is as true for our work as it is for your lovers. Doing the things that you really like will motivate you. But, if haven’t still found it; keep looking it is just somewhere needed to be loved. Working with passion will probably have great results. The only things that keep us going are what we love to do. These will do maybe by jotting down things that come to your mind that can be a topic then for sure someday it will be narrowed down until you come up with the thesis topic that will be talked.

  • Proposal Stage

In this stage, when a topic has been chosen already and narrowed down already we can have already our research objective.

  • Burning Your Eyebrow Stage

This is where things really start. In this stage documentations, paper works and research are done. In this stage also, pressure and things will push you to the limit so when Rose Ann and her thesis partner were already pushed, they will leave their thesis for a while and play some games just to chill out. Having worries will just make you age. Stresses are also the one responsible thing why people have illnesses. Everything will start difficult so why worry. Before you master something, you must try it first and understand how it goes. Just think of the best you can do for now and leave the rest hanging. No one knows what lies ahead of us except God.

After that, she shared some videos that show the results and actual use of their Kinespell 2. Kinespell 2 is a computer game that uses kinaesthetic movements of a kid in order to spell out words. They tried sun spot and wii remote as the device for the movements but it seems kids tend to like more and enjoy sun spot because both hands are used unlike the wii remote that only uses a hand and is hard to hold for kids.

Next topic which is “Visualizing Wikipeda Article Evolution with Stream Graphs” was discussed by John Boaz Lee. To sum up all I have learned from him is that in figures, graphs, representations, drawings, etc. we can really see the true data and status of the data gathered. Using representations and figures capturing and interpreting will be easier.

After that is the “Personal Learning Environments” by Michelle Lee Moscatel. Personal Learning Environments provide more responsibility and more independence for learners. This is a new approach in learning independently. Personal Learning environments are not an application but rather a new approach to the use of new technologies for learning.

Next is the Animation by Len de Gracia. At first, we were stunned by how she talks because she says in front WTH! It’s like hearing trash talks in English but we realized it’s just informal matter of use of the language. However, we liked how did she deliver and convey her thoughts. There were no “aaahhhmm”. She shared to us that she is a BSCS student before she end up drawing and designing things for the game industry but she dropped out of school because she found what she really like and that is animation. In this field, grades don’t matter. If you do well it is not enough, you must do really good. When she submitted her resume, her boss didn’t look for her transcript but instead of her work samples. She said this not to encourage students in dropping out of school but to encourage students to do what they really like and love.

Right after then followed by Prof. Carlos Bott with the topic Mobile device development. After was Dr. Ferdinand B. Pitagan with Empowering the Nation through Educational Technology.

What I like?

Upon entering the UP Diliman campus, I already liked the places that I saw, from their football field to their facilities. I’ve never expected that the venue would be like that of we used and it is the best from I have expected. The way of treating us is also super nice. The topics shared to us were also very relevant.

What I didn’t like?

Among the nice things we saw is the only thing we didn’t like is the super cool air conditioning. It made us so numb. He3


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