National Field Trip: Day 4

Today I went on a company visit to:

HITACHI GST located at Binan, Laguna.

What I learned?

The travel has been so far, I think it took 2 hours or less before reaching Laguna. But upon reaching the technopark made me realized that the place is so clean. It’s like an isolated area just for technology-related companies. Upon entering the building of Hitachi, we were told to write our names then wear a foot cover. After that, we went to the hall that showcase their products and as what we’ve seen they specialize in making hard disk parts especially the wafer. This wafer is just a size of an optical disc but it costs 4 million each because it is made of pure gold. After the discussion we went as groups in peeking around the manufacturing area. In some areas, the people are looked like astronauts because of what they are wearing but they are just wearing those things to protect the sliders from contamination. We were also able to watch commercial video of the “Tera Era” of Hitachi. This shows the new development they have developed which is the terabyte hard disk.

What I like?

I liked how it felt being there. It just I felt that I am really in a manufacturing area and in real industrial area. I also liked how they maintain safety and discipline.

What I didn’t like?

I didn’t have anything that I haven’t liked.


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