National Field Trip: Day 2

Today I went on a company visit to:

Ayala Techno Hub located at Commonwealth, Quezon City.

  • IBM (international Business Machine) Innovation Center
  • SeaChange International

What I learned?

  • IBM Innovation Center

At IBM we felt really welcome. There, we were shown to their servers that are open of use to the public. They also incubate starting companies. Whenever a group or people want to test their projects and programs using a server and other equipments, they may occupy the rooms available as their office until testing is completed. In those rooms lies a connection directly to the servers just outside the rooms. After that showcase, we were directed to enter the conference room for some discussion by the manager. She discussed some topics about IBM. IBM now is out already in making computer and laptops because it is already sold to Lenovo so they are only concentrating on softwares.

  • SeaChange

In Seachange, we were first oriented and shown a video that tells what they offer and their clients currently. And it seems they are into entertainment industry by giving service through television. I was really amazed on the on the newly developed technology they have now although I already knew its already existing. In the simulation, what I have been really interested with is the technology of play/pause of television shows whether it is live or not. They also have now that you can rent a movie with your television still with play/pause technology. I know these things are already possible but it’s just amazing to see it in action since it is not-so-common in the Philippines.

What I like?

All the things I saw and the companies I have visited are really worth seeing and visiting. They are very accommodating and they have really shared things that we are able to relate to.

What I didn’t like?

What I only don’t like is that these entire things already exist, is residing in the Philippines and the developers are Filipinos yet Filipinos are not able to use these advance technologies things.


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