Field Trip Overview

Days have been so long waiting for the much awaited week of the semester. Sleepless nights were done just to prepare. Meetings and plans were held just to settle and organize. Introducing the first ever national field trip and seminars of the Institute of Computing’s history, the 5-day National Fieldtrip and Seminars of the BSIT and BSCS students at Manila. As a part of the group, I was very excited about the said event because it will be the first and I think will be the only time that I’ll be out of the town with my friends and classmates since we were always just within Davao’s boundary. We were also excited on what we will see there since they say it will be something new.

The quorum decided and voted the Maynilad Tours and Educational Services, Inc as the official provider. Maynilad offered many options of hotels, the number of meals, etc and among those options, we opted to choose in staying in Garden Plaza Hotel and Suites located at Paco, Manila over El Rico because of some minor problems. The tour package costs Php 13,195 each participant which includes the hotel accommodation, airfare (Davao-Manila and Manila-Davao), 13 meals during the tour, seminar fee, sinking fund and of course the ride-all-you-can ticket at Enchanted Kingdom.

Hearing some IT and CS students from different schools talking on their Facebook about on where they will go whenever they will have their field trip, they just answered “Net Express? Sequel??” then followed with LOL or HA3 (both are internet cafes here in Davao City). Hearing these people joking around, they made me think of what we will really see and learn outside Davao. IBM, UP Diliman, Technohub, Hitachi, etc are just the gigantic names and places of the many companies that we will visit during our trip and from those names, we expected more and not just merely internet cafes and more internet cafes.

We were also divided into 3 or 4 groups because the companies that we will visit can’t accommodate us together and some companies can only accommodate few of us.

Counting 157 students and 4 faculty members, we flew on the 4th day of October and said bye Davao for a while and good morning Manila.


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