Business Proposal for Technopreneurship

It really felt bitter knowing our 3 business proposals were rejected.

Our first proposal is about a freelancing and outsourcing site made especially for junior IT students and to those who are just starting in this kind of business. However, the proposal was rejected due to its insignificance and its being “chooks to go”, a popular food seller of chicken cook in an oven. Our second proposal is the car counter that counts and checks the number of cars in a parking lot. It was also rejected because it is currently used by some companies outside Davao.

We also have a backup plan, the digital tombstones but unfortunately, it is already implemented in other proposals that were approved already. Until the time that I was already pressured and panicked since we’re the only group left that have not been approved yet.

Until a friend of ours thought of a hair brush that once brushed into the hair, it will dye the hair according to your settings and desired design. Sir Gamboa, gave us a thumbs up. It really felt like that were saved because of this past few days, the only thing or subject that bothers me is the Technopreneurship that might make us extend another in schooling because we’ll receive a grade of 5. Anyways, we thank that certain friend that gave us the idea that was approved.



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