Joy’s Sweetened ChocoLife


1. father

2. group of friends (ICeans)

3. Eduard Trumata

4. Daisy (classmate of my mom)

5. laptop

6. classes

7. Ralph Gideon Doron a.k.a Bunsoi(sir Japh’s cousin)

8. hospital


1. before going to school, I did some configurations and installations on my fathers’ laptop

2. attended some classes at school

3. printed and submitted the super late SAD requirements (tnx s considerate teacher =D)

4. went to CHDC hospital at Magallanes St. to visit the sick Eduard Trumata then kicked off by his ward-mate

5. went to PLDT office to look for Ms. Daisy for modem replacement

6. went back to school for ICeans YFC household, sharing about how true am I?? (they made me cry again, gggrrr~teary eye jud ko)

PS: sa naa sa sharing don’t think that you are the one that should adjust because it is me who needs to settle my heart and brain. My brain is the considerate one and my heart is the selfish fellow but it is the selfish fellow that always win in the battle. It’s just that, FRIENDS is the reason that keeps me in school. ♥

7. and lastly, we went to teacher’s office for SAD concerns

8. then we met the long lost ka-face ni Ralph Gideon Doron who is Bunsoi

♥the taste is the best because it was the trials and effort what made it sweet♥


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