A Day of Thrill in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do

It was forecasted that rain would pour the whole afternoon and we abandoned the idea of going to Everland Amusement Park. We instead boarded a bus bound west of Seoul, to Jeongseon-gu in Gangwon Province. From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal located in front of Gangbyeon Station (Line 2) Exit 3, we purchased tickets which costs …


The Magician’s Hat

You straddled planning to leave it. "It was hassle to bring", you said I tried to convince and you uttered a lovely "yes" Thank you! You did a little magic for me. ❤️

Davao City Traffic

When you think of Davao, it is definitely the homeland of heavenly-hell durian and gateway to exquisite beaches and touristic destinations. As a Dabawenya, I could never be prouder to what Davao has become now. From a wider array of food options to the accelerated improvement of infrastructures, the city has definitely become one of the tigers …